Overcoming Redmi 5 (Rosy) Stuck Recovery via Ufi Box | One Click

Saunfrimware.id - Overcoming stuck recovery Redmi 5 (rosy). Cases that we often encounter when doing automatic updates on global ROM on Xiaomi phones. Please note that if the Xiaomi mobile phone has not unlocked the bootloader, this will happen.

Causes of Redmi Stuck Recovery 5

If you experience stuck recovery, chances are the redmi 5 mobile is a distributor warranty. This distributor's cellphone warranty ROM is a Chinese ROM designed by a third party (depover) so that it resembles or is almost identical to the global ROM.

Starting from the display until its features are 99% the same. Well if you do an update using the official firmware it will get stuck recovery mode. This is caused by a ROM that does not match the default cellphone Xiaomi distributor, but in the quotes the cellphone is not yet "UBL".

It's different if you have unlocked the xiaomi bootloader, so you are free to install any ROM. It can take days or even weeks to process this ubl. So some ordinary people choose a shortcut to flash their global firmware directly without thinking about the risks that will be borne later.

Rosy Redmi 5 Stuck Recovery Solution

On this page I will share a few tips on how to deal with recovery mode Redmi 5 using UFO box with just one click. I have tested this method in the MIU 10 global ROM position and you can see the results for yourself. Here are the steps:

#UBL Redmi 5

1. Open the Ufi Android tool application.

2. Select the Qualcomm tab, check firehose and enter the Programmiose Redmi 5 file.

3. Connect the cell phone to the PC in the EDL 9008 position. Here are the test points:

redmi 5 test point rosy

test point redmi 5 rosy

4. Click identify device then all redmi 5 partitions will appear.

5. Finally select the special task then unlock bootloader.

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